Because what matters is not to know everything, but to know where to find knowledge, data and accurate information, we have compiled a wide range of resources for you about disinformation and digital verification. Our resource guides will provide you with access to books, manuals, reports and scientific articles. In the educational guide section we provide advice and offer suggestions to organize classes about disinformation for different levels. We also offer videos for you to explore the topic in greater depth, and games as a fun, practical way of learning.

the know-it-all

What it is

The know-it-all

Michelle Lipkin, alfabetización mediática, educación

Learn to Check Talks, with Michelle Lipkin


Have fun and learn: the best games for spotting hoaxes

Pandemia de bulos

How it affects you

Covid-19: pandemic of hoaxes


How it affects you

La desinformación, palanca de desconfianza

Claire Wardle, Co-Founder of First Draft


What it is

Learn to Check Talks, with Claire Wardle

Where are these photos from? Buildings and monuments

Disinformation: the shared deception

¿Fake o real?


¿Fake or real? United Kingdom and Notre Dame

Un grupo de estudiantes verifica una fotografía


Verifying… a photo of Greta Thunberg