Devour the myths: health and misinformation

Is eating fruit for dessert fattening?  Does the detox diet work?  Is drinking coffee in the morning an effective way to lose weight?  What about lemon juice in water?  Health misinformation affects everyone, especially adolescents and the elderly, and it can have serious effects on the physical and mental health of both individuals and the wider public. This workshop is aimed at identifying health misinformation and providing attendees with knowledge and reliable sources.

The training combines methods and tools to detect myths and false information about health practices found on social networks and other areas. Additionally, it shows how to check and select reliable sources about nutrition and health. In the first part of the workshop, you learn the fundamental concepts and how to use verification tools.  The second part comes from the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona and features a registered nurse who gives a cooking demonstration from a food-bike.  This initiative has been launched with the aim of bringing health to the street as well as promoting sustainability.  The concept was designed to go beyond simple recipes and provide people with the essential tools and awareness necessary to improve their health.


The workshop is conducted with the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona and lasts 2 hours. If interested, contact us at


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