How they fool us and how to avoid it: workshop for seniors

Studies indicate that adults over 55 years of age are particularly vulnerable to misinformation. Therefore, we have developed a training course specially designed for the senior public so that they can acquire digital and informational skills and not be left out of our modern, digital society. During this 60-to-90-minute workshop, participants learn how to identify false information that reaches them through Facebook, WhatsApp and other digital channels.   Additionally, participants learn how to inform themselves properly and reflect on the topics that interest them. The workshop is tailored to their topics of interest and the misinformation that most affects them, such as phishing or health misinformation. It is a comprehensive training program that includes learning the keys and tools to verify information, verify photographs, videos and social network accounts and content. The course is offered in classroom mode and can be held in libraries, university extension classrooms, civic centers, senior centers, or other similar locations. Learn to Check has experience giving workshops for older audiences and has held sessions at the University Extension Classrooms, the University of Experience (University of Barcelona), the University of Seniors (University of Valencia) and in various libraries in Barcelona. Our collaborators are the Association of Catalan Journalists, Barcelona Activa, VIA Jefferson Circle, and the U.S. Embassy and Consulate.

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