Educating against misinformation: course for families

What content do our children consume on social networks? Are they exposed to false information? How does it affect them? Above all, how can we accompany and educate them? The main purpose of the Learn to Check training for families is to teach families to identify misinformation in its many forms. In our workshop, children and their parents learn to detect false information, verify photographs and videos on the Internet, and analyze social network accounts. The goal is to prepare parents so that they can accompany their children on the Internet and educate them for critical consumption of information. The talk provides tools, games, and other resources that permit families to discuss and reflect on these issues with their children while clearing up any doubts or questions that arise. The course for families can be given either face-to-face or online and lasts from one to two hours. Learn to Check has given this type of training in collaboration with various Parents’ Associations and for public administrations.

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