Purple Networks: fighting sexist hoaxes and digital violence

Young girls and women are vulnerable to misinformation and, in turn, subject to false information that has a sexist component, hatred towards women, and towards the LGTBI+ collective. Some studies, such as The Truth Gap report, indicate that 3 out of 10 girls and young women have suffered stress or anxiety due to misinformation and 15% have stopped participating in public life. In addition, violence against girls and women increasingly has a digital component. Thus, the workshop has a twofold objective: first, to teach women of all ages to recognize the forms of sexist disinformation by empowering them with verification tools and techniques; second, to help women to examine digital sexist violence and learn tools for feminist digital self-defense. The workshop consists of several parts. The first part addresses what disinformation is, what forms sexist disinformation takes, and then provides tools to check this type of content. In the second part, we examine digital sexist violence, what it is and how it affects us. We then provide tools for feminist digital self-defense. Finally, there is a practical, hands-on element, in which memes, stickers and other content against misinformation and digital sexist violence are developed and created. The workshop lasts two hours and is adaptable and flexible. It can be offered for groups of girls, for mixed groups of young people and for other groups. It is designed for teenagers of ESO (secondary school), high school, and vocational schools. This training will be developed in collaboration with Donestech.

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