Battling health disinformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how misinformation and false information can harm our physical and mental health, both individuals’ health and the wider, public health. Therefore, we offer a specific workshop on digital verification and health for young people so that they learn to check information and educate themselves on issues that affect their health. The training aims to stimulate awareness of disinformation and the types of false information that circulate, as well as to learn how to check information, photographs, videos, and social network content. In this course, the examples and challenges are focused on health-related disinformation and on issues that interest and affect young people. This workshop includes the support and participation of health care professionals. The workshop is designed for young people in secondary school, high school, and vocational schools, either in-person or online. The duration of the workshop is flexible, and you can choose between 1-hour workshops, 2-hour workshops or more complete 3-hour workshops.

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