Learn to Escape: escape room to know how to contrast information

A pandemic of misinformation has been unleashed. Everyone must stay at home to avoid being infected by the false, inaccurate, and misleading information that is going viral. To get out, it is necessary to learn to contrast content, cultivate critical thinking and demonstrate it by obtaining the RCT card, an accreditation of Repetitive Critical Thinking. This escape room initiates young people in the verification of content and the critical consumption of information with challenges in which they will: work on the analysis of sources; the identification of informative texts with or without evidence; the analysis of photographs; and the identification of clickbait.

This Learn to Check escape room is designed and adapted for students in 6th grade of primary school, 1st of ESO, 2nd of ESO, 3rd of ESO and 4th of ESO, although it can be adapted to other audiences and age groups. The activity has a flexible duration of 1 hour, 1 hour and a half or 2 hours. In the last two cases, the escape room will be combined with an express workshop to collect and reflect on what was learned during the tests.

To carry out this workshop, a suitable space is required in which to set up the escape room, with internet and digital devices for the game. The rest of the materials will be provided by Learn to Check. If you are interested, you can email info@learntocheck.org.

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