Don’t Be Taken In: workshop for young

This is the seed of the Learn to Check project. It is a workshop for young people in secondary school, high schools, and vocational schools.  We combine theory and practice.  Participants first learn the concepts, tools, and verification processes, and then become digital detectives working to overcome the verification challenges we set them.


The main objectives of the training are to acquire concepts about misinformation, while learning to identify its multiple forms and reflect on its causes and consequences (political, health, legal, etc.).  In addition, participants are introduced to the techniques and tools of digital verification.  The session has a purely practical approach. Processes and tools are taught to verify any type of content circulating on the internet and social networks: information, photographs, videos and social network content and accounts. The workshop aims to encourage critical thinking in the use of social networks and teach how to evaluate information in an era of saturation and infodemic; thus, empowering young people so that they can be informed and protected in the 21st century.



  1. Disinformation: essential vocabulary
  2. The forms of disinformation: a thousand ways to deceive
  3. The phenomenon today: figures, causes and consequences
  4. Introduction to digital verification: what it is and how it is performed
  5. Keys to verify information
  6. How to verify a photograph
  7. How to check a video
  8. How to check content and social network accounts
  9. Verifiers and other initiatives against disinformation
  10. Learning by doing: digital verification challenges


The course consists of the presentation of concepts, the analysis of information and other types of content, videos and discussion, and practical digital content verification exercises to work on the application and assimilation of digital verification techniques and tools.


In Learn to Check we adapt to the needs and requests of educational centers. Thus, the workshop can be given either on-site or on-line. In the face-to-face version, the workshop can be 1, 2, or 3 hours. The program, content, and methodology are adapted to the duration.  In the on-line mode, we offer short workshops of 1 hour, or more complete workshops of 2 hours.


If you are interested in having a workshop at your school, please contact us at  We adapt the content and methodology to the needs of each center. More than 3,000 people, mostly adolescents, have been trained in the last two years with Learn to Check. In addition to workshops in educational centers, we also conduct "Don’t Be Taken In" workshops at the American Space network, subsidized by the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona. Learn to Check has also given workshops for young people in various editions of Mobile Week, of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation.

Don’t Be Taken In: workshop for young

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